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Our QC technicians test every UL-approved transformer and coil we produce in our ISO 9001:2000-certified facilities. Also, unlike our competitors, we offer in-house maintenance and repair on our products. So our units are of thefi nest quality, and we can efficiently help you keep them that way for years after purchase. Our 20-member design team can create prototypes from your OEM/ODM specifi cations in as fast as three days. And we can fi ll your orders within three weeks.So contact us today.

Chip Commin Mode Coil Manufacturer

We are Taiwan's No1 brand in manufacturing CHIP COMMON MODE COIL that provides vision based sorting solutions for various applications. Innovative design, durability, high performance, and low maintenance requirement are the features of our CHIP COMMON MODE COIL.



Rated voltage: 250V AC
Dielectric strength: 1,500Vrms hi-pot
Compliant with RoHS Directives
Insulation system: class B, 130°C, E257040
High ui value: smaller size with better quality compare to the traditional choke
High L value: improve EMI solution
Reduce the number of common mode choke: reduce cost and space
Reduce the number of X and Y cap: reduce cost, space and leakage current
Improve PFC
Less EMI component: simplify circuit design
Inductance (at 1KHz) minimum: 22mH
Current rating (RMS) maximum: 0.30A
D.C. resistance (at 20°C) maximum: 0.56Ω
Wire diameter/turns: 0.27φ x 60 Ts
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We review our offerings regularly to make sure our prices are competitive, if not the lowest available. Please contact our Sales Office for further information and to receive our most competitive quotation. Full product details available on our CHIP COMMON MODE COIL CM TYPE page.